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Car for sale

My dad's 1989 Chevy Celebrity is for sale to help me finish paying off my 1988 "Delta Demon" Hannah's repairs.  The main reason we are repairing Hannah and selling the Chevy is because the luxurious Hannah is more amenable to my hip/spinal injuries and the nerve damage in my leg.  To "convert" the Chevy so that I could drive to DC, Chicago, Indy, Rochester, etc. (new seats, adding cruise, etc.) would cost more than the repairs Hannah needed, and turning a Chevy Celebrity into a luxury car would be the epitome of putting a tuxedo on a duck.

1989 4dr Chevy Celebrity sedan was always garaged until 2003.  Previous to my dad, original owner was his now-late 94y.o. uncle.  In 2003, original mileage was 27K.  When I took over the car in August 2005, it had 41Kmi.  It just hit 48Kmi. this past weekend.  Yes, that really is original mileage.  Since August, 85% of all miles have been on the highway.  It's a 4cyl from the old 55mph days so it can't be pushed terribly hard (ie. passing at 75mph uphill isn't recommended); however, I drive 60-70mph to and from Cleveland on a VERY regular basis.  Because the car was garaged for the first 14 years, there is minimal rust, just along the bottom of the body panels.  The interior is in excellent shape.  AM/FM, cloth seats, bench.  Floor pans and trunk pan are good shape, no known holes.  Mileage is good.  Power steering high pressure line has been repaired, though it does occasionally leak during extremely tight parallel parking -- will include extra fluid with sale.  There's absolutely no frills, but it gets you where you need to go very reliably.

Asking $600 OBO, photos to come.  Buyer is responsible for T/T/T.  Although there are no luxury frills, mechanically speaking -- this car is easily in better shape than anything you could get for $3000 from one of the "dealers" off campus in Kent charging 25% interest.  Save your student loan money for groceries!

Please feel free to let friends know about this.
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